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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need firearm experience to participate?

NO! We are all certified firearm instructors so we will teach you the basics of firearm safety before your first course! During your first course with us, we will work 1 on 1 with you to maintain range safety for everyone while still allowing you to shoot if you are comfortable doing so. 

What if I have never shot a gun before?

We have small caliber weapons as a tool for teaching when you are first starting out. These are all virtually zero recoil allowing the shooter to focus on safety and technique. 

Do I need my own guns to participate?

Nope! We have Pistols and Rifles for people to use while you learn and decide if this is something you want to invest in. If you are brand new to the firearm space. We don't even require you to bring ammo your first time. All you have to do is show up and be ready to learn!

If I am already part of the tactical space, What equipment should of bring?

Your kit is your choice, we do not designate a specific kit since this is different for everyone.

Recommended Equipment:

  • Semi-auto Rifle with Sling

  • Pistol with OWD Holster [Must be at least level 1 retention]

  • 3 Rifle Magazine + 3 Pistol Magazines + Pouches for each​​

  • 30 Rifle Rounds and 50 Pistol Rounds per course[This is the most we will use in a single course]

How is this going to really help me?


If you are training to get better at something specific, work towards that goal.

We want to make you all around better. Move better. Faster. Stronger.

You will learn to use your critical thinking while under physical stress.

Learn to communicate with a team mate(s) to complete tasks. 

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