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Our Full Send Range Days[FSRD's] are the golden ticket to your success in the world of tactical proficiency. We split out FSRD's up into three phases. Each phase is designed to elicit  a certain stimulus so that you can be tested and improved in all necessary areas.


Fitness Phase

Range Days begin with the Fitness Phase where you focus on engaging the major muscle groups through purely physical work. The intention with this phase is to simulate the physical toll of combat on the bodies gross motor functions such as coordination and aerobic capacity. These last from 12-20 minutes.


Firearms Phase

This is where the live fire begins. Within this phase you will focus on the fine motor functions skills needed to perform optimally during the last phase. Here you will be tested through weapon manipulation and accuracy skills. This will also set the standard you are to try and match while under stress in the final phase. There is little to no fitness in this stage. These last from 10-25 Minutes.


Full Send Phase

This is where you will be tested through the layering of physical stress and the mental grit required to stay focused on the mission. The intention of this phase is to determine where you are likely to fail first during an real life violent encounter. You will be expected to push, pull, drag, carry, shoot, and organize your mission tasks while either working solo or within a team. Success here is not given, it is earned. You will be given a pass or fail for this phase that will be recorded and tracked as one of your progression metrics.


On the Full Send Range Days (FSRD), athlete will arrive to Double Tap at least 10 minutes prior to their course. As a group, you will then go into a coach lead full body warm up and then straight into the fitness prep/demo. Everyone will start with the fitness first to stress the body and nervous system, before heading over the firearms stage where we will work on your weapons manipulations. The instructor will let you know how many rounds/mags that you will need to load for the beginning firearms stage. After going through both of the fitness and firearms skills, athletes will move together to the Full Send stage. As individuals and teams, you will move through the courses in kit that is appropriate for your skill level.

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