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Tactical Training with Pistol & Rifle

Train Hard, Win Often

What is Live Fire Tactical Fitness?

Being proficient with a weapon is not enough if you can't function with it under stress. Functioning correctly under stress is done by intentionally exposing yourself to it and understanding your bodies response. Stress is both physical and mental. At CGT, we layer these stressors to build your skill pathway necessary to overcome any obstacle. Our Candidates work together to solve problems, build bonds, and become stronger. Our concepts have been used by our Special Operations Community for years to test candidates to become members of our elite forces.

Full Send Range Day Breakdown

Each Full Send Range Day[FSRD] will include 3 phases. Fitness, Firearms, and  the Full Send. The Fitness and Firearm Phases are there to prepare you and push you to find your fail points during the Full Send phase. Each Full Send Phase lasts from 15-35 minutes and is the primary test of your tactical skills. You will be performing mentally intense and physically exhausting tasks in order to secure the PASS for the days objective. 

Tactical Strength & Conditioning

A progressive and consistent strength and conditioning program is necessary for everyone who intends to better themselves physically. Our in-house program is what allows our members to prepare themselves for the physical challenges associated with our Full Send Range Days. Along with the need for greater speed and power, Common Ground Training is committed to creating the best versions of our members through functional fitness, firearm proficiency and nutrition coaching. 


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Common Ground Training

Common Ground Training

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